• Home Chargers

    With a wireless home charger, you can charge your smartphone at home, so you never have to deal with an empty battery on the go. 

    Easy to use at home or at the office. USB cable is included unless otherwise stated on the product page.

  • Car chargers

    With a wireless car charger you charge your smartphone on the road and prevent you from being left with an empty device. Done with plugging in and pulling out when charging via these wireless chargers. Car chargers are suitable for every vehicle. They work in all brands of cars, caravans and trucks.

    Easy to use. USB cable is included unless otherwise stated on the product page.

  • Wireless headphones

    Wireless headphones for easy connection with your smartphone via bluetooth.

    Earplugs or in-ears are more practical than standard headphones in many situations. There are wireless earphones that give you a lot of freedom of movement. Or special sports caps that stay in place when you move and that are resistant to sweat. Moreover, thanks to built-in microphones you can also call with most earplugs.

  • Camera lens

    Do you want to take better pictures with your smartphone and zoom in with sharpness? Then a telephone lens is ideal. You can choose from a wide angle lens, macro lens and fish eye lens. The choice for a lens depends on what kind of photos you want to make. For photos with a nice effect, for example, you choose the fish-eye lens and you plan to photograph landscapes, then this comes extra well forward with a macro lens.

  • Miscellaneous

    Here you will find an overview of the goods that are temporarily available.

  • Speakers

    With Bluetooth speakers, you can party wherever and whenever you want and enjoy music with friends or family. You can effortlessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to a Bluetooth speaker. Often it only takes one push of a button. Bluetooth speakers can usually be about 10 meters away from the music source.

  • ASIC miners

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